made it to uganda

Greetings from the lobby of the Anderita Beach Hotel (named after the owner’s children, Andrew and Rita, respectively). It is a 10 minute ride from the Entebbe airport and located on the shore of Lake Victoria. Enjoying a cup of African tea while watching the sun rise over the early morning fishermen always points towards the greatness of God’s creation.

Everyone is settled in their room and most likely sound asleep under a mosquito net. The team travelled well together and gracefully withstood a 25+ hour journey.

A couple notes of interest:

Before deplaning in Entebbe, our flight made a stop south of the Equator: Kigali, Rwanda. We dropped off a few passengers and picked up new ones heading to Entebbe or Amsterdam (a new flight crew took our plane back to Amsterdam). So…the team has been in four countries (US, Netherlands, Rwanda, Uganda), three planes (KLM is a splendid airline), two hemispheres and one trip!

We made it smoothly through Entebbe’s passport control. The Madame was kind enough to let our group get visas together. The Ugandans enjoy expressing hospitality to their visitors. Seven of us had sixteen bags (mostly Rubbermaid tubs) that caught the eye of the customs official. He briefly inspected school supplies, toys, books and other things. He let us through without incident. (I’m sure his children will enjoy the pack of glow-in-the-dark bracelets). Once through the doors leading outside, we saw our guide, Daniel; driver, Joseph; and IMB missionaries Vernon and Sandi Sivage –

We will leave Entebbe in the morning and begin a three-hour journey to Jinja. We need to get there before 1pm to exchange US dollars for Ugandan shillings. We’ll spend some time on the main street market doing a very important exercise: exegeting and assimilating into a new culture. We will look for certain hand or eye gestures when locals greet one another; we’ll look to see how the Ugandans are dressed and how they carry themselves. We want to do our best to assimilate into and honor the general customs of the people we’ve come to visit, serve and work alongside.

We plan to have dinner with the Sivages and some other missionaries, then spend the night at the Triangle Hotel which overlooks the Nile River. On Sunday it’s off to Bugiri for the bulk of our mission adventure.

Internet access may be spotty, but the Anderita has always come through with a wireless signal – even when operating on generator power. [Currently, the power is out, so we don’t have any hot water, but the wireless signal is strong. Prioritizing electricity for internet use over guests having access to hot water is indicative of the strong mobile telecommunications & web infrastructure that continues to develop in Sub-Saharan Africa.]

Better sign off before I start rambling.

Praises be to God the Father who has unified His Ugandan and American children in the Spirit of Christ.