NPR “Fresh Air” Interview on the Paradox of Modern Parenthood

NPR “Fresh Air” Interview on the Paradox of Modern Parenthood

During the course of my normal pursuits, that link caught my eye. I nodded along, as if the fact needed me to verify the veracity and insight of Jennifer Senior’s book, All Joy and No Fun: The Paradox of Modern Parenthood.

Some of the comments caught my attention, particularly this one:


3 days ago

As somebody very happily without children, I will never understand how one can be absolutely miserable and happy at the same time. I often suspect people are making this stuff up. I listen to my friends with kids, and all they do is complain, complain, complain, they are so stressed, so tired, they have no time for themselves, all the things they can’t do because of the kids, etc. Sometimes I wonder if some parents don’t claim to be happy only because it’s the socially acceptable thing to do. Like they’d be considered terrible parents if they ever dared say it’s not as fun as they thought, or as society makes it up to be. I never wanted kids, but I think if the thought was ever to cross my mind to have them, all I have to do is spend an evening with other parents and hear their miseries to cure me.

Makes one wonder if the modern trends track with the trajectory of God’s eternal wisdom. Maybe. Maybe not. But the scenario demands a response to the question How shall I now [or then] parent?.